How to covert percentages to decimals

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How to covert percentages to decimals

  • Well, its simple.

    First, you have to convert the percentage into a fraction.

    Then, you have toconvert the fraction into a decimal.

    So, the process goes on like this: percentage- textgreater  fraction- textgreater  decimal

    A percentage is simply some amount out of 100. So, a percentage will always be any number out of 100.

    Like,25%%, it is 25 out of 100. So, we all know in which format this should be.

    It should be frac{25}{100} yes, for it indicates 25 out of 100. Thats indicates thesame thingas percentage.
    But, hey we converted it into a fraction. Its that simple!

    All we have to do is put the percentage number at the top of a fraction<numerator> and 100 at the bottom of a fraction<denominator>.

    So, the formula is =x%- textgreater    frac{x}{100}

    Try converting percentages like26%, 78%, 35% to fractions. It will be a good PRACTICE!

    Now we just have to turn the fraction into a decimal.

    We have to divide the numerator by the denominator that must be 100.

    You will see that it will not be divisible. So, you will have to use the decimal point.

    Fraction->Decmal conversion is a bit complicated, and I cant explain all that stuff right now in this answer.

    But there are a few fraction->decimalconversionsthat have to be memorized. ,

    Until then, Au Revoir…

  • To convert a percentage to a decimal you have to dividethe decimalby 100 example: 22% = .22 because 22/100= 0.22

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